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Massage Envy Spa, the leader of affordable spa and massage amenities & services are to offer you health and wellness with great customized therapies. Massage Envy Spa believes every body deserves a great customized massage. Massage therapy relaxes muscles, easing and soothing your aches and pains. It rejuvenates- restoring balance to your body and being, making you better for all the things life throws your way. Massage Envy Spa offers flexible appointment times to fit the busiest of schedules and professional Massage Therapists to customize the perfect massage designed to fit your life all at a great price! At Massage Envy Spa centers, clinics and salons work hard to make massage therapy available to everybody. They provide therapeutic massages at many locations. It’s why massage services range from Swedish Massage and Sports Massage to Prenatal Massage and Geriatric Massage.

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Massage Envy Spa

Massage Envy offers many different types of massage to choose from: Swedish massage for overall body relaxation. Deep tissue massage to loosen those stubborn knots that keep your muscles tied up and tense. Sports massage to stretch marathon runners and weekend warriors alike. Pre-Natal massage for soon-to-be moms, and Reflexology for you new parents who forget to take care of yourselves. Best of all, every massage is customized to your specific needs. Have a Look on Following Therapeutic Massage Types:

  1. Trigger Point Therapy
  2. Swedish Massage
  3. Deep Tissue Massage
  4. Reflexology
  5. Cranial Sacral Therapy
  6. Prenatal Massage
  7. Geriatric Massage

Trigger Point Therapy

Therapy Relieves a tight area within muscle tissue causing pain in other areas of body. It uses cycles of isolated pressure and release. It helps naturally manage pain and stress from chronic injuries.

Swedish Massage

This traditional massage uses light to medium pressure to inspire relaxation, relieve tension, increase circulation, and create a heightened sense of well being.

Sports Massage

Promotes flexibility to decrease risk of injury, Improves endurance, Reduces post-workout recovery time, Offers balance to training regimen.

Deep Tissue

This massage uses a variety of techniques to deeply manipulate muscles and connective tissue. It helps ease sore and tight muscles, enhance circulation, and detoxify.


This therapy is to restorative relaxation, decrease stress and anxiety, Relieves toe and ankle pain or arch pain & plantar fasciitis and common forms of arthritis.

Pre Natal Massage

A special full-body massage designed to promote the health, circulation, and well-being of expectant mothers (Please consult with your doctor to ensure this service is appropriate for you. Not recommended for women in their first trimester).

Massage Envy Spa New Jersey

Massage Envy Spa Center, – Short Hills, New Jersey

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Gentle technique for releasing muscle/joint tension and tissue restriction, Promotes balance while decreasing stress, and Effective relief for headaches, TMJD, back and neck pain

Geriatric Massage

Encourages circulation, Improves balance and flexibility, Reduces pain and anxiety, Increases joint movement

Massage Envy Spa locations, Clinics and Salons

Massage Envy got its start in 2002 with the aim of making massage services more affordable with a membership-based business model. In 2009, the company expanded its services to offer facials and other spa services in many of its locations as well. For the fourth consecutive year, Massage Envy Spa partnered with The Arthritis Foundation to participate in the annual Walk to Cure Arthritis on Sunday, June 8th, at Nationals Park in Washington, DC. 37 Massage Envy Spa locations throughout the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia region raised nearly $48,500 in support of the foundation and its mission of creating a world free from arthritis pain.

Spa Envy Salons

Spa Envy & Salons offer a pleasant and serene environment where guest can come and enjoy a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Envspa and salon immerses you with services and products founded on AVEDA’s Pure Flower and Plant Essences.

Central and Northern NJ and Staten Island Massage Envy Spa Clinics

Let our massage therapy professionals ease your stress and tension after a long day at one of our 43 Central and Northern NJ and Staten Island Massage Envy Spa locations. Open weeknights and weekends to accommodate your busy schedule, our Central and Northern NJ and Staten Island area massage therapists are here to alleviate your stress.

Massages in Bayonne, NJ

Ask around. You’ll find that the best place for Bayonne facials and massages is just outside your door. Massage Envy Spa is your Bayonne spa. Now that you know, you can start enjoying the benefits of professional, affordable and convenient massages and facials. The professional massage therapists are experts at helping to reduce stress and ease tight muscles. And our experienced estheticians use specially formulated Murad products to help improve skin texture, tone and appearance. With regular massages and facials, you’ll feel better and look more refreshed.

Massages in Berkeley Heights, NJ

Looking for professional, customized and conveniently located Berkeley Heights massages and facials? The professional massage therapists and estheticians will customize your massage and facial to fit your needs. So make Massage Envy Spa your Berkeley Heights spa. Did you know that massage therapy can help to improve your overall health, especially when you schedule more regular sessions? By making massage part of your wellness routine, it can help increase energy and refresh your mental attitude. Combined with Murad Healthy Skin facials, you’ll not only feel healthier, but look healthier too.

Texas Massage Envy Spa Clinics

The massage therapy professionals ease your stress and tension after a long day at one of our 4 West Texas Massage Envy Spa locations. Open weeknights and weekends to accommodate your busy schedule, our West Texas area massage therapists are here to alleviate your stress. With 5 Massage Envy Spa clinics in West Texas, you can feel great when it’s convenient for you.

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