Full Body Massage treatment combines the natural healing power touch with the natural healing energies of hot stone therapy noted for its powerful muscle relaxing abilities.

Experience one of our most popular and Full Body Massage and relaxation treatments. Full Body Massage treatment combines the natural healing power touch with the natural healing energies of hot stone therapy noted for its powerful muscle relaxing abilities. The nice and cozy stones are placed and rubbed within the body to increase positive energies, stimulate blood flow and ease tensed muscles. This luxury massage treatment could be enjoyed in our luxury private single rooms or romantic double massage suites, with private full body power shower.


Full Body Massage

What is Hot Stone Massage Therapy?

Hot stone massage therapy melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism. Each 1 ½ -hour hot stone massage therapy session promotes deeper muscle relaxation with the placement of smooth, water-heated stones at tips on the body. professional massage therapists also add a customized massage, by using hot stones which offers enhanced benefits.

Benefits of Hot Stone Full Body Massage

A full body massage is usually treated as a type of therapy by some people. The entire body massage could be accompanied by many other types of supplementation or alternative treatment treatments. A hot stone therapy could be a form of supplement for any full body massage for effective treatment. Other sorts of supplements for a full body massage could be aromatherapy oils as a medium, acupressure implements, salt and much more.

Hot Stone Therapy:

The full body massage with hot stone therapy entails using oil to facilitate better melding from the stone against the skin.There are lots of variations to a full body massage with hot stone treatment. Everything actually depends on the masseuses’ training the way the hot stone therapy is applied. This concept of in which the masseuse is trained pertains to other forms of massages like Thai body massage, shiatsu and also the rest.

Dark Colored And kind Of Flat:

Normally the stones used for a hot stone therapy are small compared to a fist in most cases dark colored and sort of flat. They are chosen because of their properties to retain heat and never crack under the constant heat. The hot stones are utilized around the middle of the full body massage and they’re usually left on our bodies, usually at the back for a few minutes for their heat to enter the muscles and tissues and weave their magic throughout the full body massage.

Healing Powers:

May individuals who believe in the healing powers of the full body massage with hot stone therapy state that the heat helps to relieve tired and aching muscles in addition to help them relax. The first feel of the hot stones onto the skin may result to a flinch in the individual but the pre use of warm oil onto the skin helps to ease the use of the hot stone as it’s rubbed all over the back after which settled on strategic places for efficacy, in the back down to the legs.

Keeping The Hot Stones:

The position of the hot stones differs from the back to the front of the baby. When the hot stones are place din front, they may be placed on the face (smaller flat stones), chest, stomach and legs.

Relaxes The Tired And Aching Muscles:

The hot stone full body massage could be therapeutic in the sense it relaxes the tired and aching muscles and may revitalize the individual immensely. Lots of people may need to get used to he heat the stones bring however they will soon learn to understand the full body massage.

This is a mixture of Balinese full Body Massage and Hot Stone. Rather than using palm hand, the massages done by using warmed stone to provide pressure, rolling and long strokes towards the body. The Hot Stone Full Body massage will improve blood flow, reduce stress and ease tension.

Go through the healing powers of warm and cold Alor stone, well termed as healing Black stone especially originating from Alor island. Starting with Aromatherapy warm or cold towel with respect to the weather will refresh and relax the whole Body. Follow with cold marble stone sliding gently constriction of arteries stimulates the nervous system, drawing toxins out from the body.

Hot Stone Therapy

Continue with Balinese Aromatherapy Warm Hands Massage gentle will awaken the muscles. Heat from the smooth stones gracefully gliding across your limbs turn on the lymphatic system. This Treatment allows every cell in your body receives more nutrients and oxygen while removing waste with the lymphatic system. Recommended for support from the immune system, increase Blood flow, countering against flu symptoms and, alleviates stress, Rheumatic and arthritic conditions, muscle aches, fatigue, and depression.

All private treatment rooms include luxury imported treatment beds, with adjustable head rests. Our expert massage therapists will work a detailed body massage coupled with hot stone therapy techniques that create a sensual, deeply relaxing along with a beneficial heath treatment. Laser hair removal includes a high quality choice of natural nourishing oils and pure essential oils to improve relaxation and have proven to be beneficial in the removal of toxics, healing, improved overall health and well-being. Refreshments can be found throughout your treatment.